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        Haven ​ Spa


Dedication is key to beautiful, healthy skin.

Your skin care routine will reflect the way your skin looks.



Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with our ageless  facial. Good for all skin types, this facial provides the full spectrum of med grade, anti-ageing skincare, including deep cleansing and gentle exfoliating using the Clarisonic Pro exfoliating brush, steam, extractions (if needed), massage, and mask. Concluding the facial with anti-aging infused peptide serum, moisturizer, and sun protection. Address your skin needs and help maintain a healthy young complexion.

                                               60 mins  $95



Hydrate and nourish your skin with our relaxing organic facial. Good for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. This facial is aimed to revitalize dehydrated skin and rid of signs of tiredness, dullness and stressed skin. We utilize products that provide your skin with a smooth and beautiful complexion. Your treatment will start with one cleanse followed by a second deep cleanse. Steam, extractions (optional) , massage, and mask. We will apply the proper skincare products afterwards leaving your skin hydrated, refreshed, and protected.

                                                  60 mins $115



A facial tailored specifically for men. Men's skin differs from women's skin in many different ways. Their skin is about 25% thicker, texture is tougher, they produce more sebum (oil), and men have a higher collagen density than women do. Our gentleman's facial is formulated to meet the needs of men's skin addressing any concerns of razor burns and ingrown hair. A deep purifying cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, and mask. Concluding the treatment with the application of proper, personalized skincare products.

                                                     60 mins $75



Designed to specifically address breakouts that are associated with adolescent skin. Begins with a deep cleanse followed by steam to soften the skin. More emphasis is put on extracting the skin, clearing clogged or compacted pores. A healing mask will then help eliminate oily particles or hydrates dry skin.

Our aesthetician will consult with teens regarding at-home recommendations to maintain consistent skincare results.

                                                     45 mins $75



This facial is a mini version of our ageless facial with out extractions. It includes deep cleansing and gentle exfoliating, steam, massage, and mask. Concluding the facial with customizing products to your skin's needs. This facial is for someone that needs a quick deep cleansing treatment to refresh, hydrate, and restore a healthy glow in their skin. Perfect for when time is not on your side.

                                                                   30 mins  $50



Discover healthy skin care advancement for all skin types. From anti-aging to acne-prone skin, this oxygen facial will produces immediate, visible results with a non-invasive technique. This treatment uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum to the skin. Fine lines and blemishes appear visibly reduced. A unique experience providing rejuvenated, radiant, and hydrated skin. The oxygen facial all the celebrities love.

Be red carpet ready, your skin will look and feel amazing.

                                45 mins  $125  & up


A back treatment is a skin treatment that is offered to men, women and teens. The techniques used in a back treatment are similar to those applied in a facial treatment, the only difference being that it is performed on the back instead of the face. Back treatments are great for getting rid of back acne, that can sometimes be painful. Many people develop acne or blemishes on their back, but do not have an effective way to cleanse and moisturize. Attention just on your back includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, mask, and proper skincare.

                                                                                                                                                                                   45 mins $125