"Several summers ago for reasons unknown probably related to hormones and birth control, I burned, peeled, and then tanned, specifically on my face. As a result the pigmentation stayed and every summer since had become increasingly worse.  Coming in, they assessed my face and recommended getting the Laser 360.  After starting the treatments, I noticed right away just how much sun damage there really was, but more amazing to me were the results I found with each coming treatment. My face began looking brighter.  My pores were getting dramatically smaller.  I felt that I needed less and less make up to cover my two tone face as I recall having!  After a dermaplaning my skin would feel amazingly soft.  The texture and tone overall seem to have improved and I feel like some of the deeper lines are less noticeable."


"I came to Haven concerned about many different issues I was having with my skin.  I was struggling with breakouts and as a result I was beginning to notice scarring on my cheeks and forehead.  I was also interested in Laser hair removal on my chin and upper lip.  I was told to initially get a computerized skin consultation; after the esthetician looked at my images she said I should begin with a facial to do extractions and a few chemical peels to control my oil.  After these treatments I was happy but I wanted to minimize my scarring even more.  So she told me about their Laser 360 package, I was hesitant at first but decided to go forward with it.  I just recently finished my treatments and am elated with my results.  My skin is completely free of breakouts and my scarring is gone and as an added bonus I feel my pores are much less noticeable as well.  I would recommend anyone who is concerned about their skin to go to Haven.  I also got the hair removal and love the results"


"My very first treatment was amazing. The estheticians at Haven knew what they were doing. My procedure was explained in detail, along with proper home care. I had a ton of sun damage, the picture perfect example of hyperpigmentation. The photo facial was harmless and quick. Within the next day you could see the pigment lift and darken. The following week my freckles dried and literally came off. My skin is looking smooth, even in tone and texture, and younger. I defineitly would like to continue with another treatment. Haven’s team of estheticians, combined with Dr. Fagman’s expertise, made me comfortable. I am a client for life."


"One of the things that used to bother me the most was the pouch of skin under my chin. Every doctor I consulted told me the only solution was surgery. I came to Haven for a consultation and was introduced to the Accent. This radio frequency machine has completely solved my problem. After a series of 6 treatments the skin under my chin is tight and smooth. THANK YOU HAVEN!"



"I am a relatively thin person, but my inner and outer thighs bothered me a lot. No amount of exercise seemed to tighten my legs. I came to Haven Medical Spa for a consult and was told about The Accent Radiofrequecy Machine. After a series of 6 treatments, my inner and outer thighs are totally firm. I continue to see improvement as time goes by. I completely recommend this treatment to anyone who wants firmer